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About LatAmPlus


LatAmPlus is digital collection of full-text peer reviewed journals that you can immediately access at no cost.


We have created a partnership with top institutions in Latin America and the Caribbean to integrate their academic content into a new companion service to LatAm-Studies Full-Text database.


It’s Free
This section can be searched and the full-text of all articles can be retrieved and down loaded for free from the original providers’ sites. It is open to all, no registration or subscription is required.


Why is it Free?
LatAmPlus exclusively indexes Open Access Platform publications available at no cost.


At launch, the LatAmPlus collection incorporated more than 50 journals specialized in Latin American and Caribbean Humanities and Social Sciences. View a current list of journals.


Inclusion Criteria
Only academic peer reviewed journals or institutional publications with a scholarly editorial process are included. We have Content Analysts make sure we only index the scholarly content from each journal site. There are no newsletters or other non-scholarly content.


To access LatAmPlus, please set your browser to www.latamplus.com


The content is updated biweekly to provide you with the most current research available.


Comparison to LatAm-Studies Full-Text
We will continue to offer and expand the LatAm-Studies Full-Text database on a subscription basis. LatAmPlus represents a satellite of robust content we offer to the outside world. For subscription information please visit www.latam-studies.com.